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LED Autolamps are a tried and tested led lighting solution for trailers, commercial vehicles, motor homes, caravans and agricultural vehicles. This range of LED trailer lights offer long warranties ranging from 2 years to lifetime.

We strongly recommend LED lights for the use on trailers and commercial, and agricultral vehicles that are being used regularly for the following reasons.

No poor connections - LED lights are fully sealed that stops water and dust getting in as trailers and commercial vehicles have lights that are open to the elements
Reliability - LED's are a solid state light source eliminating thin filaments that break with the vibration that trailers get
Multivolt - Many LED lights are available as a multivolt lamp these are ideal for trailers such as car transporters and plant trailers being towed by 3.5 tonne 12 volt then 7.5 tonne 24 volt the next day
Current draw - LED's Draw a lot less power which reduces the load on your alternator and also means that many more lights can be fitted without overloading the towbar wiring.

Less connections to fail - traditional lamps have a physical connection where the wire connects to the bulb holder and a further connection where the bulb goes in to the holder. Over time, these both suffer from corrosion and poor connections - LED lights have only a pair of wires connecting to a circuit board and then are fully submerged in a resin to seal them.

Over the years our sales have grown to over 5,000 LED autolamps products per year in the first 4 years. These lights have been put on applications where bulbs were failing regularly where machines are mounted on trailers causing excessive vibration such as generators, tree shredders and a tyre bead breaker machines for earth mover tyres (when this operates the trailer leaves the floor). Since we started selling these lamps in 2009, we have had less than 0.02% of lamps returned faulty making them the most reliable lamp we have tried for a trailer.

The LED Autolamps range is also probably the biggest light range on the market, with over 400 lights available there is usually a lamp to fit the application you need and the range is constantly expanding to meet the trailer users requirements.

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